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Welcome to Moto GC. We are the top Husqvarna and Yamaha motorcycle dealers in the nation and the best Husqvarna dealer in the state! To provide top-shelf advice, products, and service. Our customer service is second-to-none! We’re even smart enough to know that we don’t know it all, that’s why we also learn from our clients!

Here at Moto GC, we offer high-quality motorcycle products such as; helmets, gloves, riding gear, pants, boots, and jackets. One of the few modern motorcycles with a twenty-year history and seven generations of improvements is Yamaha's TMAX 560 maxi-scoot.

Released in 2000, it was the most successful sport scooter ever manufactured. The key to the 560's improved power is a new 562 cc twin-cylinder engine, which delivers 3-5 percent more horsepower and 6 percent more torque than the previous year's model.

Yamaha improved the bore by 2mm to get the extra capacity and also added new aluminium-forged pistons and con rods. The exterior of the Yamaha XMAX 300 has a sporty appearance. Its steel frame is incredibly lightweight, agile, and robust. It has a unit swing suspension in the back and a magnification suspension up front.

Its front suspension has 110 mm of travel, and its back rest provides 79 mm of travel. The front and back hydraulic disc brakes on this Yamaha scooter are 267 millimetres in diameter. Both traction control and a dual-channel ABS system are present. The front and rear alloy wheels of the Yamaha XMAX 300 measure 15 inches and 14 inches, respectively. The best features are included, including a mobile charging outlet and dual-LED headlights.

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