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Gum Rosin (PM-002)

Our Gum Rosin is obtained through the distillation of Oleo Pine Resin once the turpentine oil has been removed. Gum Rosin consists of the Non-Volatiles in the Oleo Pine resin.CAS: 8050-09-7

EINECS: 232-475-7

PACKAGING: New GI (Galvanized Steel) Drums of 225 kilos. In one 20’ fcl can stuff up to 96 drums.

1. The most important application of Gum Rosin is in the Adhesives and Coatings Industry after Esterification.
2. It is widely used in the Papermaking Industry as Internal Sizing
3. In the Printing Inks, Synthetic Rubber and Soap Industry
  • Light Yellow to brownish hard solid
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1000 (kg)
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