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Gum Turpentine Oil (PM-001)

Our Turpentine Oil is obtained from the distillation of Oleo Pine Resin obtained from the Sumatran Pine trees. It is usually used for solvent and source for organic material synthesis.​​CAS: 8006-64-2

EINECS: 232-350-7

FEMA / GRAS: 3089

PACKAGING: Blue HDPE drums of 170 kilos. In one 20' container can stuff 80 drums. GTO can be shipped in iso tanks also of 20 MT.

1. Mainly used in the synthesis of fragrant chemical compounds such as commercially used synthetic camphor, isobornyl acetate, terpineols, pine oil, etc., and subsequently for flavors and fragrance use.
2. Can be used in the manufacture of polyterpene resins.
  • Clear to slightly pale yellow mobile liquid
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