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Maleic Modified Glycerol Ester of Gum Rosin 130 (PM-004)

An oil-soluble resin that is a glycerol ester of Gum Rosin modified by using Maleic Anhydryde. It is a hard thermoplastic resin that offers excellent solubility, good solvent evaporation, and low viscosity in solutions used in formulating Nitrocellulose based formulations. It exhibits good hardness, high gloss, and vest fest drying speed.CAS: 94581-16-5

PACKAGING: Packed in a multi-walled kraft paper bag of 25 kilos. And can stuff 640 to 720 bags in each 20’ container.

1. Compatible with alkyds and used in hard gloss synthetic enamels and varnishes
2. It is used in road marking paints, phenolic paints, polyester, Nitrocellulose and PU paints
3. Pale colored varnishes for industrial use and in NC base formulations
  • Clear to pale yellow tear drop shaped granules
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