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Pentaerythritol Ester of Gum Rosin 100 (PM-005)

A high softening point thermoplastic resin made of Gum Rosin and Pentaerythritol. It is soluble in aromatic solvents, aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents, esters, ketones, and chlorinated solvents, however, it is insoluble in methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, and water. It is well suited for the adhesive industry due to its weak odor, excellent heat stability, and great adhesion properties and also it’s compatibility with many kinds of polymers.CAS: 8050-26-8

EINECS: 232-482-5

FEMA / GRAS: 4226

PACKAGING: Packed in a multi-walled kraft paper bag of 25 kilos. And can stuff 640 to 720 bags in each 20’ container

1. Can be used with polymers such as EVA for industrial-grade hot melt adhesives, glue sticks and bookbinding adhesives, or with SBS & SIS for pressure sensitive adhesives.
2. Can be used to make adhesives, emulsions and paints with natural rubber and chloroprene rubber.
3. Can be used as tackifier and binder for road marking paints.
4. Can be used with plant based oils for phenolic paints.
  • Clear to pale yellow tear drop shaped granules
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