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Eugenol USP Natural 99.5% (CL-502) Van Aroma

Van Aroma is one of global leading producers of Eugenol. Van Aroma produces and exports over 12 FCL of Eugenol USP, and redistilled variants per month from sustainable, and fully traceable sources.

Eugenol USP Natural 99.5% / Eugenol / 丁香酚(99.5%) / オイゲノール USP ナチュラル 99.5% / Eugénol naturel USP 99.5%+ / Eugenol natural 99.5%+

Olfactive Profile: Spicy, pungent, clove-like, strong

CAS No: 97-53-0

EC No: 202-589-1

FEMA No: 2467

JECFA No: 1529

Product Synonyms: Isolate, fractionation, clove, eugenic acid, ugenol, BP, USP, EP

Certification: Kosher, Halal, COSMOS, FSSC2000

Clove trees are indigenous to the Maluku islands of Indonesia. Indonesia has been the dominant producer of clove buds and clove oil globally for decades.

Indonesia is also the largest consumer of clove buds as a spice, which is primarily used in kretek cigarette industry.

It is due to this high demand for Clove Buds in the cigarette industry that farmers are using the remaining components (dry leaves, and stems/claws) of the clove tree to produce clove oil it's derivatives thereafter.
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