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Welded Mesh Fence for sale

Welded mesh fencing is one of the best-selling items of Skyhall Fence. With this product Skyhall Fence brings customers a fencing solution that reduces the project budget and offers a fascinating-look and security-ensured fencing choice. Welded mesh fencing owns its popularity to its beautiful design and security nature.

Welded mesh fencing panels are made of high grade steel wires. Welded together by parallel horizontal wires and vertical wires to form a strong panel. With proper size of the triangle bends and suitable colors of powder coating with a variety of color choices, such as yellow, green, red, it makes this product have a unique aesthetic effect. With different color combinations of posts and mesh panels it makes the fencing very eye-pleasing. And the posts usually come with plate flanges and expansion bolts which make the installation very fast. Welded mesh fencing are usually used in combination with peach post, square post or round post. Customers can choose one of them by their preference.

Welded mesh fencing is already widely used in highways, roads, railways, airports, factories, buildings, residential areas, ports, urban green spaces, gardens, flower beds and grassland. Welded mesh fencing have such features which are high strength, good rigidity, good-looking in appearance, wide view, simple installation.
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Brand New
1030 (mm)
2000 (mm)
4 (mm)
505 (kg)
$1,000.00   $699.00 per Sq m

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