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Peak Lubricants

For the transportation, industrial markets and automotive, Peak Lubricants offer greases, fluids, solvents, lubricants and coolants since 1982. The entire business, which is proudly owned and run by Australians, is dedicated to offering an industry-leading level of customer care.

At Peak Lubricants, we offer a wide range of products including; heavy-duty gear oil, power steering fluid, lubricant oil, vacuum pump oil and engine oil. 

Peak's broad product selection is obtained both domestically and internationally, supplied throughout Australia, and exported to Asia and the Pacific Rim. OEMs, commercial manufacturers, automotive and transportation companies, as well as retailers and local distributors, are some of our clients.

We strive to resolve all lubrication concerns quickly and painlessly. We oppose top-heavy, expensive administration.

The success of Peak Lubricants is a result of our dedication to offering a variety of high-quality products at affordable rates, as well as a flexible approach to meeting customer needs that distinguishes us from other suppliers.

Our goal is to maintain this level of customer service while paying attention to our client's needs and evolving market and technological conditions. The Peak brand offers the most modern synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral lubricants. 

These include brake fluids, coolants, and solvents in addition to the engine, heavy-duty diesel, transmission, gear, hydraulic, and industrial oils. Through our large network of foreign partners, we obtain the appropriate technology for each application globally. 

In Victoria's Dandenong South, PEAK LUBRICANTS operates a cutting-edge manufacturing facility. It is 100% owned and operated by Australians. In addition, PEAK LUBRICANTS has many additive and speciality suppliers who have a long history of providing the most recent advancements in research and technology.

Visit our website at or call us on 1300 722 256 for any product technical enquires and support.




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