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And If your RS Status is Freeplay, you won't be able to receive a clue scroll drop

November 03, 2021
And If your RS Status is Freeplay, you won't be able to receive a clue scroll drop as they are member-only drops. However, I will presume that you haven't updated your status in RS.

In terms of making money, I've always found runecrafting to be the best way to make some cash. Even if you can't create the more advanced runes such as natures, crafting airs in lower levels can still be profitable, although for a while it would be slow and boring work. An alternative would be to get your woodcutting skills until you reach level 60. This can be done by cutting willows in the draynor and after which you can cut yews. These are a lot of money in a short time.

To travel around the island bring two potions for prayer (you will require it along with all the protection prayers you will be wanting to make use of), 4 potions to prevent poisoning (really are going to require these), 1 super energy (you do not need to run out of energy when traveling) and the remainder with food. The Cammalot Teliportation Runes work great for when you don't eat enough food.

Four prayer pots, 4 super-energy potions, 2 anti-poison potions and the rest with food items are essential for the underground (as long you don't let mellee get in your way). Keep an eye on your run. If it's below 50%, add a few calories. If prayer is at 28%, take some energy drink for your run. Eat when you need to!

For the demon, an anti poison (for after the fight when you get teliported into the middle of the forest) and a set of camalot teliportation runes (for following the battle or if the demon somehow is able to survive: cute:), 4 prayer pots (over kill, but better to be safe than sorry) and the rest with good food.

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