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Jagex is trying to assist clans by providing support for clans

October 06, 2021
There aren't any trainers in the moment. I know there are other locations to mine rane and I’m not certain whether the bonesyard is in existence, so it's not really a viable option. The deep freeplay wilderness is just as secure like other places in the world.

Jagex is trying to assist clans by providing support for clans like clan chats. Instead, they should concentrate their efforts on enhancing the wilderness If they truly keen to help clans. Encourage people like trainers to go into the wild. This could be in the form of the benefits of experience and possibly additional training facilities.

Eliminate single combat wilderness zones. Leave the wilderness to its own with only single combat zones or force single-combat pkers to utilize a different PvP zone. It's a common sense idea really and is likely to benefit clans as well as the wilderness more than any other update to clan support will. Although it had nothing to be related to the combat system that was being developed, I felt the need to make this information available.

As a freeplayer, I have limited access to Runescape Map. This is not a problem. But I was looking at the map today and was struck by how little land has been added to the mainland over the last eight(?) years or more or less. This is because there isn't enough space to expand.

Jagex does not want to erase their content by removing the water and adding additional land on top. They were able to bypass the water barrier by using islands for new content. But they can't keep doing this for long enough to lose the feeling of being in the continent.

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