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Rsgoldfast - We learned a few things from Jagex

August 27, 2021
We also learned a few things from Jagex. These are essential to be aware of in order to assist Jagex as well as you. If you are creating fake accounts, hacking accounts, or publishing fake RS3 websites with the intent of taking passwords or other ways violating the DMCA laws - they'll be prosecuted. Keep your game playing clean.

You can ignore someone calling you a "noob" or being irritating but it's not offensive. The majority of incidents won't cause black marks, and by ignoring them, you can ensure that you don't every have to deal with that person annoying you again LOL.

If you have any questions about our awesome visit, feel free to ask. We may not be able to answer all your questions, but we will not divulge information that is in violation of the Non Disclosure Agreement. But we'll gladly respond to any questions you may have. We'll try to arrange an event on Vent in the near future If you are interested. I had the opportunity to meet a couple of other players. Gertjaars and Lucipher6 both have granted me permission to use their names in this topic. They are great guys and I am glad we had the chance to get to know each other!

Present Air Running (details included, as some people may not be familiar with Air Running): World 16. Runecrafters (Fast XP) have something like: air tiara, X noted rune essence, X gp. Shout something like "Open 1K". (*See the note below).

Runecrafters (Earn gp for running) wear a tiara made of air and 25 un-noted essence. Trade: Runecrafters can trade 1000 gp for 25 essences, and runners are able to trade in 25 essences. Everyone benefits: fast XP for Runecrafters, gp for Runners. I've utilized 1k (11,000 gp) throughout the article. Some Runecrafters prefer more Gp (Open 2k) (2000 gp), which attracts Air Runners faster.

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