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Madden 21: 5 Things the Game Done Right

September 03, 2021
NBA 2K offers a fun and exciting feature that lets you create new teams and then build an entire league around it. Madden includes a feature that allows players to move or change teams' names in Franchise Mode. The names and the locations can be used by players. It's fun and enjoyable to customize, so why not allow players to create new football leagues. Let players make new divisions, leagues, or leagues within the NFL. EA as well as the NFL should allow players develop their ideas more.

Madden NFL 21 was one of the most anticipated releases of August. And although it was able to outsell every game by a wide margin during the month It doesn't necessarily mean that gamers are content with the outcome. It feels almost like EA is trying to take away the Madden series' legendary status.

Even though there are many who believe this entry in franchise is the final chapter, and not even Snoop Dogg could help, there are instances when the game shines. There are small victories to be had whether it's brand new game modes or stunning graphics.

The Yard is the latest game mode of Madden series. It pits the best players against each other. This mode is hilarious and exaggerated and is Madden's funniest ever. It features backyard-style gameplay. The field is just 80 yards in length, therefore there are no restrictions on time or quarters.

Though it's jarring at first because of having to learn a variety of new things and it places players of both ages on an equally level. It's stylish too because players don't have uniforms that match. However, though it is an enjoyable distraction from other main game modes It can also become repetitive.

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