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RuneScape - I had a great time verbally attacking

September 09, 2021
I was forced to admit that my AWSUM achievement in 99 firemaking was a loss. It was a waste time and also a failure. The untrimmed 99 fm caps are, without doubt, the most ridiculous justification for saying "I have more experience than you" within runescape. 99 firemaking when it's the only 99 you have is pathetic and pointless.

You're aware that the Adze is available at 92. It's not that far from 92 (sorta) and so why not wait? However, most of my acquaintances who have done it say it can take several weeks and is boring. If you do maples or willows it's also quite affordable. It's just that you'll need upwards of somewhere like 45k logs at around level 70 fm'ing.

Thus, I had a great time verbally attacking and crushing the dreams of this man. However, honestly, aren't people tired of seeing 99 FM'ers wear untrimmed caps in the THOUSANDS! A majority of them don’t have Adze. There are other skills they require and they're mostly low level (between 60 and 80). They are also often smart alecs.

I've had at most three arguments with people who believe they're superior to me because I don't wear my 99 cape all day long. I'm not able to say about my 99-flying however I did do flytching to earn money for quite along time, along with doing wcing. I stopped around 96 and half and then decided that I would add it as an option to reduce my already 99 strength. I think 99 FM is a poor excuse to be 99. I'm not proud of my 99 fletch cape, and I don't wear it.

Okay I was playing in the kuradel Dungeon just a few minutes ago, and now i'm fighting some abyssals, when i saw two people engaging in a very in-depth conversation. Normaly, I would just ignore them and move on with my assignment. But, one particular line caught my interest.

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