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RuneScape - I'm finding it much more difficult to find XP rates

September 29, 2021
Training combat shouldn't be an unpleasant ordeal. This is how you stop "pkbotters". This can be achieved through introducing things that are aimed specifically at pkers as well as other grinding players, like introducing some kind of game in which you can earn money for playing effectively against other players, and not just rewards for experience or non-tradables.

Although you may think "this will affect our economy", or something similar, I believe the majority of pkers would buy a lot before they started pking and then send their cash to suppliers of the popular pking supplies. A slight rise in the price of pking equipment isn't going to cause any major issues, as many of the supplies are very affordable because of botting.

This will solve the issue of pkers having to grind for money and then resorting back to botting. Now, pkers will have enough capital to open a pkbank and will have the knowledge to get started with pking. This can also decrease the demand for trading and selling accounts. It could be something I'll elaborate on in the future.

I'm finding it much more difficult to find XP rates in each skill to create a fair adjustment based on natural XP rate limits. What do you think about possible training methods and the base XP/h for each skill for mid-high level players?

Methods of learning that were evaluated should have gp/xp rates that aren't too high, such as Demonic Thrones. This is an costly training method for a lot of users to choose. This is only for BXP. However, the rates are adjusted to account for the 2.7x modifier. It is possible to train in expensive or challenging methods.

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