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RuneScape is a case where the game wasn't that interesting

November 01, 2021
I'm not certain the reason this is being forced on us, according to a poll, solo bosses got twice more support. It's possible it could be an artisan situation where Jagex constantly polls players, and then they keep saying no. OSRS needs an OSRS-type solo boss with complex rules, like the QBD in 2012. Because it existed in the original combat system, which was very simple and had complex mechanics in the early days, I refer to it as being similar to QBD. While I'm not convinced that the mechanics are identical however, the dragon kiteshield could be a good drop.

I don't have the motivation to try again. There's nothing to inspire me to play the game again. I haven't found the game intriguing enough to want to play it. In fact I've never been a fan in gaming, so I haven’t bought Fallout 4.

Although I have been at times tempted, I am constantly able to change my mind. This is a bit crazy considering how much I love Fallout. You should know that I purchased Skyrim several months prior to the game's launch. Also, I was there watching the Steam countdown to get the game installed as soon possible.

I purchased a brand new gaming laptop to enjoy the game as well as other similar games. I wasn't able to play the game the day it was released. I don’t enjoy TES at all like Fallout. My priorities are changing, and I don't like games as much anymore.

RuneScape is a case where the game wasn't that interesting. Many of the people I was able to get along with during the game and Sal's community has left or been very inactive. I'm not able to have this to sustain me. The clan community was gone, but I can't see myself joining the next clan. The core members have left for different games that I do not care about.

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