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Speak to Redbeard Frank and ask him for his hook

December 01, 2021
Speak to Redbeard Frank and ask him for his hook. Redbeard Frank will inform you that you first have to get Emily an evening date at the Rising Sun Tavern. There's Emily at the tavern crying. You ask what's wrong and she informs you she's going to be forced to shut down the tavern because she isn't having enough customers. She states that she needs 5,000 GP to keep the establishment open. She says she'd be open to a date with Redbeard Frank if she offered 5 dollars. Redbeard Frank will contact her, and she'll make payment of the 5k. After that, he'll give you his hook.

You will now need to buy the following items: a Jug of Wine, and an Asgarnian Ale. It is necessary to sneak the Karajama Rum in via the Banana Plantation, just like in Pirate's Treasure Quest. To get the final item which is the peg leg Ask Longbow Ben at the Rusty Anchor Pub how to find one. He says that when his ship was destroyed by a pirate who was a rival the treasured golden peg leg. He promises that if he gets it back, he will give him his normal peg leg. You can find the fishing platform in the area the place where his vessel was submerged so get there.

Bring the Fishing Rod! Once you've reached the Fishing Platform, go to the southernmost fishing spot and cast your line. Longbow Ben's golden peg leg can be located after you've caught several fish. Bring it back to him and Longbow Ben will present you with his peg leg. Bring all the items to trader Stan. He will give you a second task. You have to kill the Sea Serpent that sank a ship that was carrying half of his trading goods.

Get your top range of mage equipment and start sailing on the vessel of Trader Stan. It has been equipped with two catapults, two cannons and 2 cannons. You've been granted 50 Cannon Balls and 50 Large Rocks , so you must use the resources wisely. After the captain has you in the area and will guide you to Pirate's Cove. Wait about an hour until the Serpent appears. The serpent will only remain above the water for a minute at a time so make sure you aim your shots correctly. After the intense fight, bring the serpent's head to the Trader Stan. Thank you! You've completed "A Sailor's Live for Me!' Quest!

It is possible to have the ability to have a pet. My friend was playing on the other computer, I sat and watched as I sat down. He was riding a kind of elephant or i donu. This is when I realized there should be the ability to have pets in Runescape. It's not my intention to be greedy i understand how much it costs to update the runescape game. It's not like some novices throwing out random ideas that will cost you hundreds of dollars.

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