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The latest patch notes aim to boost the game's performance

January 05, 2022
Like any sport there are certain techniques that take time to master. For instance, shooting is one of them in NBA 2K that takes a time to master. However, by using specific MyPlayer badges and builds is likely to pay dividends over the long run.

NBA 2K22 has sparked the imagination of the players in regards to the latest designs and playstyles, and this popular TikTok of Post Hook turned corner three is proof. NBA 2K22 has had mixed reviews since its release, with some praising the improvements to MyCareer on the next generation consoles, and others dissatisfied with the game's shortcomings.

The latest patch notes aim to boost the game's performance across all platforms, however there are some issues that might have been overlooked. Some players have been exploiting the games Post Hook stat, with an incredibly popular TikTok that takes it to the extreme in a manner that would be sure to make Peter Griffin proud.

A 2K22 TikTok on October 10 , has been viewed by millions of people, showing a user constantly draining hook shots from deep, effectively making the "Post" out of the Post Hook. It seems that nearly every time a user can do what they are doing in this video they've got the Posterizer badge in use. The only exception is the first video shot.

While it's not clear what kind or type of Center or Power Forward design the player is employing to get the shots to hit most likely, they're utilizing the often-ignored Post Hook stat in some way. We've seen this kind of ploy only once before in a thrilling and memorable game between two NBA titans on Family Guy.

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