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What is it that makes RuneScape so different?

October 07, 2021
I know of another MMO that doesn't have bots. What is it that makes RuneScape so different? It takes time and financial investment to remove bots from RuneScape. I haven't seen any other company willing to accept that risk and it takes a massive amount of care for the game we're here for.

I have used RSBuddy for my account, am I likely to be banned? We will keep details of our customers and players private. It won't serve any purpose other than to remove accounts. We hope that this helps you to understand why botting is prohibited in RuneScape.

Can I receive an exchange if I've bought premium scripts? We'll gladly reimburse any script purchased within seven days of last Tuesday's update. All purchases made after this time will not be eligible to be refunded. Details on changes to subscriptions are accessible on our page on subscriptions.

Bots are dead, and you're not alone! There is no need for an application for bots. RuneScape lets humans play a social gaming game. Please join the discussion if there was any botting that kept you from playing. I had accumulated about 450 points of slayer rewards (or similar) and I wanted to know what slayer xp I was able to buy. In the end, 350 points were enough to buy slayer dart casts. Each cast cost about the equivalent of 480 coins. I got around 1.2m coin worth of darts (10k deaths and 2500 minds), which I then sold.

I was thinking of telling you that there are 35k coins per Slayer point, and you can trade the coins in this way. I don't use Slayer points anymore and have blocked the ones I dislike (Goraks and Jungle Strykes) and I'm okay with the remaining.

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