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Which is a huge plus in Madden NFL 22

July 17, 2021
Green's performance has decreased dramatically over the past few seasons. This season the former Bengal catcher signed with the Arizona Cardinals. Now there are some who think that he may be able to bring his career back to life for one final chance at the Super Bowl.

Green started the year with an Madden NFL 20 rating of an 88. Green finished the year with a Madden NFL 20 rating of 88. The big reason behind that decrease in his rating was probably an injury as well as the fact that he has stopped being "the man" within the receivers' corps. Deandre Hopkins is the Cardinals leading target but Green could be significant as a second player which is a huge plus in Madden NFL 22.

The departure of AJ Green is one of the reasons why the Bengals chose the former LSU receiver Ja'Marr' Chase early in the initial round of the 2021 NFL Draft. The other reason is that Ja'Marr Chase was a teammate of Joe Burrow's. Burrow felt the chemistry between them and pushed his team to make the move to sign the receiver. Chase missed the entire season because of the coronavirus outbreak, but when he returned to the field, he took 84 passes for 1,780 yards and 20 touchdowns.

Antonio Brown has had an impressive couple of seasons. Former Steelers star, Brown has been a Madden NFL 19 cover athlete , and now is a rookie receiver. Tampa Bay is the fourth team he's ever been a part of in the last three seasons. That includes the Las Vegas Raiders, who were the only team he actually played down. At the midpoint of the 2020 season The Bucs made him an additional weapon for Tom Brady.

Even though he only played in eight games in the season, he did manage 45 catches for 483 yards and four touchdowns. Brown might have a great year if he's playing with Brady. Brown finished Madden NFL 21 with the score of 86, but it's possible that that figure could increase significantly in Madden NFL 22 which is due coming out in a couple of weeks. Of course, the volatile player can make himself persona non grata too.

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