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You can return to the mine and chisel all of your blocks

January 03, 2022
You can return to the mine and chisel all of your blocks into pieces as you're there. Once you have a full inventory, go back to Dark Altar and bless stones that you have again. Then, you can go toward the Blood Altar to make your runes. Then, chisel the rest of the blocks out of your inventory and create more Blood Runes. Repeat this procedure for as long as you'd like to.

This is exactly the same the way it is with Blood Runes and the only different part is that you bless your runes at the Soul Altar to the east instead of blood to the west and that you need Runecrafting level of 90. The runes aren't as successful as Blood Runes but they offer more experience. They're the best to farm xp in brackets starting at levels 91 and 99.

Starting at level 27, players can begin making Cosmic Runes. This is a great way to earn money for players that want to focus on getting gold while making some RuneCrafting experience while doing so. While it may yield adequate gold at first, it'll really shine after level 59 when you can get double Cosmic Runes as you craft.

As mentioned before experience rates are rather low, ranging from 10 to 20k per hour, but the gold you can extract from these runes makes it worth it. You should be able to make around 2500 runes per hour at 59 RuneCrafting which should be yield around 450k gold.

Cosmic Altar is located in Zanaris in Zanaris, which can be unlocked with Lost City quest completion . There is Agility shortcuts at the levels 44 and 65 that can make your journeys simpler, however if you do not have any levels yet, you can use Fairy Rings to get around this place in a decent time.

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