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Madden 22 ratings: Von Miller cracks top 10 edge rushers

October 12, 2021
Robinson made up a league-high 86% of the team's carries in 2020. The number is expected to drop dramatically during the season, but not necessarily bad. The Jags had him as their only reliable running back in the last season. However, they might be overworking him, as he was absent for two games because of an ankle injury.

Clemson's player can take part on the field of play and the Jaguars are not likely to see any decline in production. It's true that Robinson won't total 1,400 yards in a scrimmage and again, but he'll feel more rested and fresher since Etienne can take him off the field from time moment.

Although Etienne's Madden 22 score was not an impressive one, it's an impressive performance. Most rookies do. If he turns out to be an offensive force that the Jaguars believe he is, EA should adjust his rating in the not too distant future.

Training camps are on the way, which means the fantasy football draft, delusional sports takes, and the new Madden 22 video game is coming up. Each year, a teaser for the game is released. It shows the averages of Madden players in the top 10 of their specialty or position. This year, to no any surprise, Denver Broncos OLB Von Miller made the top 10 in edge rushers. However his place can be the subject of a bit of debate.

In addition to Miller's overall score of 93, he received an acceleration of 88, an 86 for speed, 88 for agility as well as 93 for arousal and a 92 for tackling.

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