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One-Pennyworth and the Butterfields. Part One & Part Two

February 24, 2018


One-Pennyworth and the Butterfields. Part One & Part two An e-book by Gordon Ferguson Mackenzie An Adventure Story Lulu Publications ISBN 978-0-244-03784-0 Part One. Children of the Streets: - is set in the City of York, England, and about three young street beggars Part Two: - A Boy called Dreamtime: - moves to New South Wales, and tells the story of an Aboriginal boy and his three English friends. The whole story takes place in the early eighteen hundreds A preview of the book, and if you wish to buy it is found on most all main online bookstores. Other book by same author: - Space Station Venus. In Orbit Around the Planet. Sci-fi adventure. The year is twenty sixty-two. Not too far into the future. ISBN 978-0-244-33319-5


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Gordon Mackenzie

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