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Diablo 2 would not gain from microtransactions

April 10, 2021
It will have infinite FPS, but everything needs to continue to run in precisely the exact same tickrate and with the same logic as the first game. That means your character breakpoints for faster cast rate and faster hit recovery will remain the same. Loot drop tables should be the same, as will monster spawn prices and difficulty. If you loved making a hammerdin back in 2001, it seems as if you should be able to earn the identical hammerdin at 2021.

Part of the charm of playing Diablo 2 on line is the private and personal servers that may be created immediately, and keeping this feature around would serve the game well. Jumping to a string of Baal runs or a trading area is center Diablo 2, and I would hate to see it go. Finally, doing away with the personality expiration countdown that has claimed more level 99 Hammerdins than any hardcore playthrough is a good option by the developers.

This one doesn't need much of an explanation. Diablo 2 would not gain from microtransactions, and having the ability to buy things with real money (looking at you d2jsp) would damage the in-game marketplace that can be very just and exciting. And adding makeup and pets really would not do much for the game that already has beautiful artwork updated for the remaster.

A transmogrification system such as in Diablo 3 would be quite cool, allowing gamers to don different styles of apparel without actually changing equipment. Still, it would also alter a lot of the player experience. Experienced players may often tell what a character is wearing just by outward appearance.

Adding in the ability to see another player's gear (as we've seen in a number of the greatest Diablo 2 mods) when clicking on them would likely be welcomed by many people. Developers have been cautious to not mention cross-platform play, though it doesn't appear to be ruled out entirely subsequent launch. We do understand cross-progression involving PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch will be contained, meaning you can leave off on one platform and pick up again on a second.

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