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I think you need to limit it to EVE echoes

December 18, 2020
Yeah, the costs do seem better today. There appear to be some boats missing, the Omen for example.Yep, I'm going to figure that out shortly. Thank you for checking.Awesome!! I've been working on it and I will be incorporating an updated price quote to the API soon, I will let you know when that happens.That seems great. Hey, btw, one thing that I noticed is that the Succubus is lacking from the pricing. The routine is there, but not the ship.And yeah, I understand that the Succubus is missing. It is going to be in there shortly.

How can you get your costs in the event that you can talk about it?This is a essential tool, amazing work! Do you input it manually or script it?Can you create it so that it shows the price at specific ITC's? Seriously though thanks for this. I've been doing this manually because the game launched because of our corps internal structure sheets.

I think you need to limit it to searching price at certain commerce hubs like Amar or even Jita and ignore small quantities like anything beneath 1k for mineral or ore. It's it is basing cost of any station it is going to be off. There at individuals in sport selling things for super cheap and having fleets on channel to blap the people when they come to pick it up.I updated how I compute the costs, hopefully it should be more in line with what people are anticipating now. Should you see something that's off, please let me know. I'm continuing to work on this I'm loving all of the feedback.

Hello, is there a description for each of the area in the web site you created? By way of example, just how are median buy and normal buy calculated?I attempted to look at on your costs with the real in-game market prices and there seems to be a huge gap between the amounts for certain items.I have incorporated the information of your API in my Excel sheet, but the prices don't appear to get upgraded.

Thank you! How did you compute average_buy and median_buy for planetary materials?Hey there. I think I messed up the caching of this csv though, which is why you were seeing that. Imagine if you try pulling again now?The buy column is presently a weighted average of their initial few biggest orders for any particular item. (The same as the old average_buy column).Ofcourse it is the biggest sport in google play.I've done clash of clans, Pokemon go, a couple other people, this is by far the most engaging and interesting mobile game I have ever played.It feels deep, it feels rewarding, it seems polished, it seems lived in, it feels epic... Can't begin to lavish enough praise on it.The visitors issues are kind of like when a mad awesome new restaurant opened in city with food that has been in such high demand that the traces down the block. And the proprietor is scrambling to hire more staff and expand.That's all a good thing!

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