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January 31, 2017
AFFORDABLE COST EFFECTIVE COMPLETE INNER CLEANING DETOX * CLEANS YOUR COLON * CLEANS YOUR LIVER * CLEANS YOUR KIDNEYS…..CLEANS OUT DISEASE CAUSING PARASITES GOODBYE PARASITES (PINWORM – FLATWORM – RINGWORM - TAPEWORM - WHIPWORM) GOODBYE CANDIDA WEIGHT LOSS BURNS FAT THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN Te Divina WHICH MEANS DIVINE TEA FOR ONLY $30 YOU GET 1 WEEK SUPPLY OF TE DIVINA WHICH EQUALS 16 CUPS THAT IS ONLY $1.87 FOR A FULL CUP OF REFRESHING DETOX TEA THAT WILL CLEAN YOUR INSIDE. SUITABLE FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN PROCESSED THROUGH COMPANY OWNED FDA APPROVED FACTORY EVERY PERSON THAT HAS DRANK Te Divina HAVE FELT THE BENEFITS MYSELF, I CAN HONESTLY SAY THAT I PERSONALLY DRINK Te Divina EVERY DAY AND I CAN FEEL THE BENEFITS, MY ENERGY LEVEL AND STAMINA ARE BETTER, I SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT WITHOUT DISRUPTION , I DON'T HAVE THAT BLOATED FEELING ANYMORE, I FEEL MORE ALERT AND VIBRANT, I COULD GO ON...... PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT OTHER PEOPLES TESTIMONIES AND SOME OF THE FACTS Try Te Divina (Life Divine) and see how powerful Te Divina is. Look at all the amazing Organic ingredients and the Benefits. Read the Testimonies from people around the world that have had life changing results and improved their health from taking Te Divina. Te Divina is a Detox Tea that contains 12 Medicinal herbs including 2 powerful Medicinal Mushrooms. Te Divina will cleanse your body and rid it of horrible toxins and parasites. It has some amazing ingredients like Chaga and Ganoderma (Medicinal Mushrooms) that have so many health benefits, one of those being weight loss. The special blend of organic herbs rids your body of Candida, Chemicals, Parasites ( Pinworm, Flatworm, Ringworm, Tapeworm) and Toxins. Te Divina provides numerous health benefits whilst reducing your fat content. Te Divina removes unwanted waste that has clogged your intestines and colon. Te Divina restores vitality. Te Divina INGREDIANTS: - Ginger - Holy Thistle - Blessed Thistle - Papaya - Malva Leaves - Marshmallow leaves - Myrrh - Persimmon Leaves - Chamomile - CHAGA - GANODERMA Lucidum - Agave - Cranberry HEALTH BENEFITS: - Digestive issues - Nausea/sickness - Antioxidant - Immunity boost - Lowers Blood sugar levels - Weight management - Blood thinning properties - Liver detoxification - Astringent - Reduces cravings - Pain relief - Immunity protection - Respiratory issues (coughs etc.) - Anti aging - Promotes vision CHAGA - HEALTH BENEFITS: Help to lose weight Improve gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, intestinal and liver health Normalize blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar Increase energy and stamina Improve memory Protect DNA from oxidative stress (free radicals) Soothe ulcers Prevent allergies GANODERMA - HEALTH BENEFITS: Fights cancer Regulates the immune system Is an antioxidant Is antibacterial Protects the liver Reduces blood cholesterol Fights fungal infections Has anti viral effects As you can see there are so many health benefits that are gained by drinking Te Divina just the CHAGA and Ganoderma are really powerful. Best prepared with mineral water and stored in a glass airtight jar and kept in the fridge for maximum freshness There is load's more information and before & after pictures, Please feel free to ask me if you would like more information on the Tea or any of our other Organic health products that have been designed to help get us back to full health. Visit dasha' Take your own before and after pictures and see your own results, Or better still do you have someone who could take the pictures for you? Weigh yourself before you start and then weigh yourself after a couple of days you will be amazed and pleased at your personal results. You will be able to take a photo of the scales yourself. ALL THIS FOR JUST $1.87 A CUP GIVING GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY. ORDER A SIX WEEK DETOX PACK FOR $160 NORMALLY $180 FREE POST AND PACKING ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY ARE YOU LOOKING TO EARN EXTRA MONEY OR START YOUR OWN BUSINESS WITHOUT ANY PERSONAL COST? GET FULL SUPPORT AND TRAINING WORK YOUR OWN HOURS EARN WHILE YOU SLEEP WITH RESIDUAL INCOME Testimonies page on FB: My Opportunity page: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Price $30.00 Location Cronulla , NSW Condition New

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