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But if you're going to OSRS gold

October 28, 2020
START: October 28, 2020 @ 12:05 PM END: November 01, 2020 @ 12:25 AM
Review it however you'd like but if you're going to OSRS gold dislike it tell people why they ruined'that game' you played as a kid and turned it into a gacha-wow.It is bizarre that there are several comments calling this"toxic."

Assuming the guy really feels that way - and if he felt the need to write the review he likely does - there is nothing at all toxic about it. Giving your view is the entire point of testimonials. Asking people poisonous for leaving honest testimonials and seeking to manipulate the overall portrayal of the game because you believe that's in your very best interest is toxic."

That is bad play with my preferred game instead" isn't an informative review. Regardless of what game that is posted on I would downvote it on steam as it's not helpful in any way.It's far better to describe why you believe that way, yeah, but not doing so doesn't make the review only totally useless. If I am looking at restaurant reviews I would still rather see a person's 2 star review not to see it, even when they didn't explain why they didn't like it. This review is no different than that.

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