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Camshaft Position Sensor Holden Barina XC 1.4L 01/2004/- 2/2005 OEM QUALITY

Made to match the same quality specification as the original equipment fitted to your Holden Combo XC (Check Cam Illustration) Z14XEP 5/05-on 1.4L 4 SC137 SC122 1 Year Unconditional guarantee! Yes if you feel in anyway your item hasn't lived up to the standard you believe it should then we will replace it "no questions asked" OEM Standards or better! That's our guarantee and we mean it, we thoroughly test our sensors to make sure they meet or exceed the OEM standards. Rigorous testing is done on our whole range of injectors, and continued through to every new batch manufactured. If your vehicle is suffering from any of the following symptoms it could be a Speed sensor causing the problem. Excessive Fuel consumption and Poor Mileage Rough Idle Hesitation especially under acceleration Engine Pinging 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee! Yes we can offer a 30 Day money back guarantee knowing full well our supplied sensors are equal to or better than OEM parts. We invite you to contact us should you have any inquiries, see our feedback and buy with confidence.
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