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SAAB 900 9000 Knock Sensor 11/1986 - 04/1994 2.0L 2.1L inc Turbo

SAAB 900 9000 Knock Sensor 11/1986 - 04/1994 2.0L 2.1L inc. Turbo If your vehicle is suffering from any of the following symptoms it could be a Knocksensor causing the problem. Excessive Fuel consumption and Poor Mileage Engine may run Rich or Lean Rough Idle Hesitation especially under acceleration Engine Pinging Catalytic Convertor Failure Also suits the following vehicles: GMH Calibra YE, YE95 C20XE 10/91-98 2.0L 4CYL GMH Calibra YE, YE95 C20LET 6/94-98 2.0L 4CYLTurbo Peugeot 405 XU9J4 88-93 1.9L 4CYL Porsche 944 M44.51 / 52 86-3/91 2.5L 4CYL Turbo Porsche 944 M44.11 / 12 8/88-10/89 2.7L 4CYL Porsche 944 M44.41 10/89-12/91 3.0L 4CYL Porsche 968 M44.43 / 44 2/92-12/94 3.0L 4CYL Renault 19 TXE F3N 91-94 1.7L 4CYL Saab 900 DOHC B202I 1/86-91 2.0L 4CYL Saab 900 Turbo, B202L 1/87-92 2.0L 4CYL Saab 900 B212I 3/91-10/93 2.1L 4CYL Saab 9000 B202I 1/87-90 2.0L 4CYL Saab 9000 Turbo B202L 5/86-91 2.0L 4CYL Volvo 440 B20F 93-96 2.0L 4CYL Volvo 740 B230F 84-92 2.3L 4CYL Volvo 740 B230E 84-91 2.3L 4CYL Volvo 740 B234F 88-90 2.3L 4CYL Volvo 760 B230ET 84-89 2.3L 4CYL Turbo Volvo 760 B28E 82-86 2.8L 6CYL Volvo 760 B28F 82-86 2.8L 6CYL Volvo 760 B280F 86-91 2.8L 6CYL 1 Year Unconditional guarantee! Yes if you feel in anyway your item hasn't lived up to the standard you believe it should then we will replace it "no questions asked" OEM Standards or better! That's our guarantee and we mean it, we thoroughly test our sensors to make sure they meet or exceed the OEM standards. Rigorous testing is done on our whole range of injectors, and continued through to every new batch manufactured.
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