Taster Electronics Workshop

Taster Electronics one hour workshop are for people who are curios about getting hands on with electronics. We offer basic workshops for people who have never worked with electronics but have always wanted too. ​ Is this for you?… Are you curious about gadgets? Are you a kid who wants to learn about working with electronics, gadgets or robotics? Are you a parent of a kid or an adult who wants to learn about working with electronics? ​ Electronic tasting workshops are 60 minutes per session ​Six sessions included Easy & fun to do Hands On Material Extra Cost ( very small fee extra ) No commitment to go further ​We keep our tasting workshop projects very simple. ​ Additional workshops of discovery in electronics will be offered as required. The workshop consists of 6 sessions in total Cost of materials is $20.00 once off fee for six week workshop We may charge a fee for replacement of materials.
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