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Infrared Shower Single

Infrared steam showers and saunas are an obvious choice for home owners looking to implement an oasis of health and body balance into the home. Ultratech Beauty specialises in lifesyle, leisure and healthcare products. We are introducing our far-infrared saunas and steam showers which have many benefits to increase health and wellbeing. The single infrared steam shower (K081) is the most popular single person infrared shower model. The single infrared steam shower features 6mm tempered glass, black and silver columns and stainless steel fittings. With the single infrared steam shower you can indulge in an infrared sauna, a steam bath as well as receiving the benefits of a tropical rain shower and 8 massage jets. A personaloasis in the comfort of your own bathroom, this model even comes with a radio/MP3 player and a coloured light to really set the mood. Most Far Infrared Sauna users enter the sauna without pre-heating and start to sweat after around 10 mins. As the sauna is acomfortable temperature, conversation, reading or listening to relaxing music is a comfortable pleasure. After the session you will feel relaxed, your skin will feel clean and smooth and you will feel rejuvenated and revitalised. Size: 1000 x 900 x 2150 Specifications: 1) Tempered glass 6mm thick. 2) Black aluminium column and silver panel. 3) Stainless steel handle. 4) Infrared sauna and steam bath. 5) Tropical rain shower. 6) Hand Shower. 7) Coloured Light. 8) Fan. 9) Radio and MP3 player. 10) Glass Shelf and mirror. 11) ABS and Acrylic Metal Top and Bottom. 12) Red Glass heater 1700W: 8 panels. 13) A 3000W steam generator. 14) 4 massage jets. 15) 1 bamboo timber moveable seats. This System allows you to control the far-infrared panels, steam, time and temperature settings, the coloured light, ventilation fan, MP3 and Radio. It also protects you from over-heating.
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