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Maxmoral 2 Pairs Washer Door Lock Striker for Frigidaire Kenmore 131763300 131763310 Home Appliance Accessories White Washer Catch Fridge Door Latch Lid Lock Striker 131763310

Product Name: Washer Door Lock Striker Material: Plastic Color: White Model: 131763310 Fit For: Frigidaire Kenmore 131763300 131763310 Package Includes: 2 Pairs Washer Door Lock Striker
  • Type: 2 Pairs 131763310 Washer Door Lock Striker
  • Ideal replacement for broken or worn washer/fridge door lock striker
  • can be used to take place of Frigidaire Kenmore 131763300 131763310.
  • High Quality: Made of plastic material
  • white color
  • flame retardant
  • stable characteristics
  • high reliability
  • sturdy and durable in use.
  • Function: Perfect match for the original equipment
  • helps to lock the washer/fridge door automatically and properly
  • and operate efficiently.
  • Purpose: Great for fixing or repairing your washer or fridge in an inexpensive way
  • to extend the home appliances service life.
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