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6kg Mass Loaded Vinyl

6kg/m2 Mass Loaded Vinyl, or NuWave Base 6kg/m2, or just MLV, is a Heavy Duty, high performance, flexible soundproofing barrier from Thermotec Australia. With an ultra thin profile of 3mm (approximately) and high acoustic performance of Rw 29*, 6kg/m2 Mass Loaded Vinyl is an excellent product for use in soundproofing projects that require and extra degree of soundproofing. Particularly in walls, timber floors and ceiling spaces in home theaters or Sound Studio’s. Mass loaded Vinyl is also commonly used in a wide variety of other applications such as soundproofing cars, boats, pump housings, machinery rooms or other industrial applications. Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is dark grey or black in colour and Supplied in a roll, 3 meters long by 1350mm wide, weighing approximately 24kg.
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