Quick Dam Water Activated Flood Barrier 5 Feet 2-Pack

Quick Dam Flood Barriers Patented Water Activated Flood Barriers absorb, control, & divert flood water Product Description Protect your home or property in times of flooding with Quick Dam Flood Barriers. Quick Dams expand and activate on contact with water. Just lay them in place and let the water do the rest. Absorb contain and divert problem water away from your home and property, before it becomes a problem. Keep some on hand for emergency situations. Use around doorways, garages, leaking tanks, construction projects, anywhere water is a problem. Protect Against: Storm surges & water main breaks Overflowing appliances & equipment Leaking equipment & water tanks Broken sprinkler heads A/C condensation overflow Spills, leaks, floods, drips & more Water Activated Flood Barriers Just get them wet Grows to a full size of 3.5in high in 10 minutes Contains a super absorbent powder that swells and gels water Swelled barriers contain, control, and divert flood water No need for sand or labor filling product Available in 5ft, 10ft, or 17ft lengths Absorbs 4 gallons, 8 gallons & 13.5 gallons of water respectively How to Use Place the Barriers in the path of oncoming flood water. As they come in contact with water, it will absorb through material & start to swell. Barriers reach their full height of 3.5in in 10 mins if enough water is present. If a rush of water is expected or you need to stack them, pre-soaking them is recommended. Not for use with Salt water. * Place wider section of Barrier towards water, as the smaller section (wedge) prevents it from rolling. **DO NOT want water moving in this direction causing seepage in between the Barriers. Tips & Tricks During first activation, we recommend checking on them to make sure they are directing water as desired. Adjustments may be necessary as landscaping can alter water flow. Barriers should be stacked higher than water level for stability and to prevent them from floating away. Barriers are flexible and can be curved or wrapped. Barriers have a dual chamber, place wider edge towards water & smaller wedge away from water to prevent rolling out of position. Pre-Soaking is recommended prior to stacking or if heavy rain or water flow is expected. Staining may occur in instances where the surface is porous or unfinished cement is present. Remove from area when no longer needed. Porous surfaces like unfinished cement cause excessive seepage, since they are both trying to absorb water. Plastic barrier film in between, may help. For use in the winter/snow months, make sure they are fully activated before freezing temperatures occur to assure maximum protection when the snow is melting. We do not recommend moving them while frozen to prevent any tearing of the outer material. Also, salt on the roads should not come in contact with Quick Dams. To help, pre-activate Quick Dams with water & then wrap plastic under & over the top to prevent the salt from making contact. Do NOT use around salt water, lime or calcium. These will cause the inner absorbent to release the water & deflate the product making it useless. Flood Barriers will not fully activate unless enough water is present. Once activated by water they can be used as a barrier against other oils & chemicals. Leave in place for 3-6 months of ongoing protection. Shrinking will occur as they dry out, but they will swell again once re-exposed to water. Length of time to dry out varies on climate. Average is about 3 months as higher humidity levels tend to take longer. Once completely dry, they will feel crunchy and ready for reactivation. Smooth the contents to evenly distribute the super absorbent polymers. Direct sunlight causes the product to degrade at a rapid pace, which will result in the product feeling slimy. Do NOT cut. The inner contents will be exposed and will make the product unusable. Storage & Shelf Life Barriers unused, have a 5+ year shelf life. Store in sealed bag for maximum term. Keep on hand for immediate deployment. How to Dispose Throw away in trash. Quick Dams are safe: Pet friendly Non-toxic Environmentally safe. Optional- great soil additive to help retain moisture- cut open & spread/ blend contents on lawn or garden (NOTE- will be VERY slippery until it degrades & disappears)
  • Water Activated Flood Barriers
  • Rated #1 in Flood Control
  • Grows to 3.5in high in minutes
  • just get them wet
  • Long
  • flexible design creates all sorts of shapes
  • Use to control
  • contain & divert flood water
  • Ready to use
  • no sand or labor needed
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • stores away until needed
  • Use to protect doorways
  • garages
  • leaking hot water tanks
  • erosion control & more
  • Dual chamber design prevents unit from rolling out of place
  • Use indoors or out
  • Do NOT use with salt water
  • chemical reaction causes deflation
  • Black
  • 24" X 12" - 6 Count
Brand New
300 (mm)
825 (mm)
900 (mm)
100 (kg)

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