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Sofa Sofabed Lounge New York Platinum Grey Colour *Includes SOFABED Feature* Genuine Wooden Legs HOTSHOPPA (Platinum Grey)

The contemporary Platinum Grey or Blue fabric colour combined with wooden legs makes this piece is the perfect new addition to your living space! Comfortable woven upholstered fabric with a plush cushion comfort layer underneath makes this sofa great for daily use. Easily accommodate unexpected guests with no need to store bulky mattresses as the sofa folds down into a bed in just seconds! Dimensions: Length: 195cm, Flat Bed Width: 107cm, Seat width: 55cm, Sofa Height: 80cm. Hot Deal only available while stocks last!
  • BED FEATURE!!! Seat backrests swivel back to lock down into horizontal position to instantly convert the sofa into a FLAT BED (width 107cm). Armrests are easily removable to extend your feet while lying down
  • as required!
  • QUICK EASY DIY ASSEMBLY - Simply secure the wooden legs into pre-drilled holes! The main sofabed section is PRE-CONSTRUCTED for your convenience.
  • SPLIT RECLINER FEATURE - Seat backrests swivel back to lock into a recliner position
  • perfect for use in your THEATRE ROOM or to kick back and relax! Backseat locks back at approx. 45 degree angle to ground for RECLINER MODE. You can choose to recline either ONE or BOTH sides making it a split recliner feature.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY FRAME & FABRIC!!! High strength wooden frame construction along with genuine wood legs & comfortable cushioning under platinum grey fabric upholstery truly provide a touch of COMFORT and STYLE to your living space!!!
  • Platinum Grey
Brand New
7937 (kg)

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