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Gallop Chic Zen Garden Tools Set - Mini Desktop Sand Box Accessories - Miniature Rake Kit with Bamboo Holder for Rock Garden, Meditation & Relaxation Home or Office Decor, Great Gift idea

In Zen, enjoyment is found in the act of doing something, and not in the results. There is no multi-tasking in the Zen philosophy. In order to get the most out of each experience, in the Zen way, one must fully concentrate on one thing at a time as a form of mindfulness. Desk zen garden kits: 5 parallel equidistant teeth rake in triangle shape with cylinder handle; 4 parallel equidistant teeth rake in cylinder shapes with cylinder handle; 5 unparalleled equidistant bending teeth in a big triangle shape with flat rectangular handle; 8 parallel equidistant teeth Spinning rake in cylinder shape with cylinder handle; 1 Pushing Sand Pen, T shape tool for flatten the sand; 1 Bamboo Drawing Pen, Wave shape with pointed end for creative drawing; 1 Bamboo storage jar
  • Desktop Zen Garden Supplies: 4 x Mini japanese zen garden Rakes 1 x Drawing Pen and 1 x Sand Pushing Pen come in a Bamboo storage box. Enhance the beauty
  • balance
  • and flow in your home or office with this miniature sized wooden rake. This accessory will work great with our desktop zen garden plates.
  • 4 rakes for drawing different patterns on the sand. 1 Triangular Teeth Rake
  • 1 Prongs Rake
  • 1 Shrub Rake
  • 1 Spinning Rake to draw concentric circles. 1 pushing sand rake for flattening the sand preparing for the next Zen creation. 1 ergonomic drawing pen to express your creativity designing customized form on the sand.
  • Stimulates creativity: Rakes are used to move the sand
  • and the lines that the rakes create are supposed to represent ripples of water
  • or ripples of energy. line
  • wave
  • flower
  • circle
  • anything you can come up with
  • you can fulfill with this tool set. Your zen garden needs them definitely!
  • A popular choice among office workers
  • and those seeking a way to silently meditate on something simple. Enhance your ZEN garden creativity and let your imagination expand with this prime quality bamboo zen garden kit tool rake
  • One may find a sense of serenity in the movements of the rake through the sand as each action that is done is like a ripple. Many small ripples eventually lead to nothingness
  • which is a typical aspect of the Zen philosophy.
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