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EOBROMD Diamond Painting Kit, 5D DIY Rhinestone Embroidery Cross Stitch Arts Craft Home Wall Decor - Koala 12x16inch

Open the box and check the diamond draw special tools 2> The beads in the numbered packets correspond with the color chart on the side of the drawing 3> Place a few of the like numbered beads in the plastic tray 4> Take the "pen" and dab the end with the sticky stuff in the square block, then pick up a bead and place it on the corresponding number on the canvas 5> Remember to replace the plastic sheet when you are done to preserve your work 6> Put it in a suitable framework after completed CHARACTERISTIC 1> DIY diamond painting can reduce stress, emotional adjustment, active thinking, enhance self-confidence and also be used to decorate the family room, make life more harmonious 2> DIY production can create a sense of achievement, ability and perseverance, suit for all ages 3> DIY painting diamond is exquisite to give to friends and loved ones to express good wishes NOTE 1> The frame is not included. It is just a rolled canvas. Please frame it by glasses or wooden and hang it 2> DO NOT let children play in order to avoid accidents such as swallowing 3> Drawing need to be kept clean. If there is dirt adhesion will influence them with low-temperature solid iron 4> Diamonds need to remain sticky gum tightness
  • 5D DIAMOND PAINTING KIT : Enjoy to creat new and original wall painting
  • a great way to reduce stress
  • enhance self-confidence and perseverance cultivate patience
  • CANVAS WALL DECOR : The pattern has a sticky background and the canvas is waterproof
  • with plastic paper to keep the picture sticky and then the diamond will hold
  • so the diamond painting can be protected
  • SUPER FLASH DIAMONDS & EASY TO OPERATE : The round drills look shiny and will never fade
  • more vibrant and brilliant than the resin diamonds. Shining in the light. Choose the right number diamond according to the list
  • put them into the box and complete it with the pen
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL : Diamond painting can be used in the bedroom
  • dinning room
  • bathroom
  • washroom
  • kitchen and office as you like
  • PERFECT GIFT : The handmade diamond paiting is easy for adults
  • children or art beginners
  • enrich your space time
  • give you a different life style. It is also a perfect gift for friends
  • families and so on
  • Koala
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