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Premium Multi-Angle Tablet & Cell Phone Holder. Portable Stand for Compatible with Any iPhone, IPAD, Android OR Kindle with Adjustable Position and Adaptable Legs

STURDY CONSTRUCTIONYou can change the height or reshapethe long legs of the holder through folding to make it suitablefor any setting: bed, desk, floor, sofa, kitchen,car seat headrest, airplane tray, in your lap while layingdown and even in your kids hands.Non skid base, secure lock clip and silicone band makesure that no matter the situation, your cellphone or tablet is securely mount and stable.Your device is safe in our stands! HANDS FOREVER FREEMulti-purpose, portable, completely adjustable, with a fast andeasy installation it is among the best and most comfortable accessories for phones and tablets.The rotatable slot, which tilts from-60 to +60 degrees, allows the use from vertical to horizontal angles.Its wide slot and unlimited compatibilityguarantees to be a match even if you change your current device.Improve your modern lifestyle withthis cutting-edge product, particularly designed to enhance your well-being.
  • SMART LIFESTYLE: Increase your productivity with our most popular universal mobile accessory. Get comfortable during reading
  • web browsing
  • viewing photos
  • showing a document
  • drawing
  • playing games and watching movies. Just relax and enjoy instead of getting consumed by holding the device.
  • LIGHT-WEIGHT AND SPACE-EFFICIENT: Extremely easy and small
  • it can fit any bag or purse. The 4 legs are flexible
  • foldable and made of steel to support any heavy-duty. The secure lock clip and silicone band protect your smartphone from slipping and scratching.
  • STABLE AND ELEGANT: Your device is safe and secure on any flat or uneven surface so take it with you camping or at the beach. The bendable gooseneck or spider legs are easy to use and can be mounted or hanged anywhere - from the table to the shower. The free tilting back and forth of the slot allows multiple customized and ideal viewing angles to relieve eye strain and reduce sun glare on the display.
  • OUTSTANDING COMPATIBILITY: The 10mm wide slot accommodates a wide range of phones and tablets from iPads
  • iPad pro
  • iPad air
  • iPad mini
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone plus
  • iPod
  • Kindle to Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Nintendo Switch and Surface pro.
  • WORRY-FREE WARANTY: We created this top device because we are committed to bring you the highest quality holders to enhance your busy lifestyle. If you have any issues or questions feel free to contact our lovely Customer Support. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the purchase.
Brand New
108 (kg)

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