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SPORTSGRIP Hand and Finger Exerciser (Hard - 7lbs / 3.2kg) - Best Ergonomic Finger Strengthener to Improve Grip for All Sport Athletes

If it is not comfortable, you will not use it. That is the premise behind the new, ergonomically designed SPORTSGRIP.Produced by a team consisting of Certified Hand Therapists, MIT engineers, and designers who have over 27 years experience making hand and finger exercise products, we have succeeded in producing the most comfortable and ergonomic hand and finger exerciser on the market.Who needs a finger exerciser?The SPORTSGRIP is great for just about every athlete who wants to improve their grip, strengthen their hand and fingers, improve endurance and coordination, or increase their finger control and mobility. Hand and finger exercisers are used by athletes involved with Football, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse, Bowling, Rock Climbing, Archery, Curling, Volleyball, Boxing, Martial Arts, Cricket, and Skiing.Available Strengths:White - Medium (5-lbs)Silver - Hard (7-lbs)Black - Xtra Hard (9-lbs)As a new product on Amazon, we are very proud of our 100% 5 star rating by verified users. Some excerpts:"Easily the best device I've used. Very ergonomic--it just feels right.""I was pleasantly surprised how great it felt and how quickly I noticed a difference in my hands.""The company and customer service is fantastic.""I would recommend this to everyone who wants to take their game to the next level.""The SPORTSGRIP fits perfectly into my hand, and I am able to build both manual dexterity and strength.""I have had it for over a week now and can't believe how great it feels. I find myself using it all the time.""The SPORTSGRIP is by far the best hand and finger exercise product I have owned."What Resistance is Right for Me? Most of the finger exercisers sold are 5-lbs or 7-lbs. The 9-lbs is hard. To build finger strength, buy something challenging. To improve control or limber before playing a sport, buy a comfortable resistance.
  • STRENGTHEN Fingers and Hands while improving control and stamina
  • SOFT FINGER CAPS - The only Finger Exerciser with Soft Non-Allergen Rubber Finger Caps that feel Great and keep your Fingers in place
  • CERTIFIED HAND THERAPISTS - Ergonomically designed under the supervision of Certified Hand Therapists to maximize comfort and effectiveness
  • Stronger
  • and better Control for all Athletes no matter the age or sport. Great for Limbering your fingers before practice or the big game
  • CHOICE OF LEVEL - Three different resistance levels available
  • Silver
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