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Goture Fishing Hooks With Fishing Tackle Box 500pcs 9 Size

Goture Fishing Hooks With Fishing Tackle Box 500pcs 9 Size Catch Your Rates And Your Enjoyment. Specification: Goture fishing jig heads are provided with the highest quality materials for superior performance in the water. It is a versatile hook, which can be used effectively in fresh and salt water fishing. Besides, it is perfect for all live bait, and it will never let you down, no matter what you are fishing for. Attention: 1. Keep out of reach of children. 2. Be careful with your fingers when you use the fishing lure. 3. Protect the environment when you are fishing.
  • Made out of high carbon steel
  • with high strength and corrosion resistance
  • fit for freshwater and saltwater.
  • The fishing hooks are really sharp with special barb hooks design
  • for less mortality rate.
  • Color:black nickel.10 sizes available:3#-12#.Hooks length: about from 1cm to 2.5cm.
  • Size 3: 60pcs
  • Size 4: 60pcs
  • Size 5: 60pcs
  • Size 6: 60pcs
  • Size 7: 60pcs
  • Size 8: 40pcs
  • Size 9: 40pcs
  • Size 10: 40pcs
  • Size 11: 40pcs
  • Size 12: 40pcs.Total 500 pcs in a box.Package included:a box of hooks.
  • The mechanically-sharpened barbed hook point ensures a better penetration and increases the hook-ups. Bright colors give you an edge when fishing in waters with low visibility.
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