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The Dominator 900 Pro

Motor: 900w brushless. Battery: 10ah 36v Lithium battery. Tyre: Off road tyre 3.00-4. Max speed: 42km/h. Working Time per charge: Up to 3 hours. Distance per charge: up to 40km. Loading capacity: 120km. Weight: 21.4kg. Charging time: 3-5 hours. Forward/reverse modes, changeable battery, slow/fast speed settings, auto turn off when not in use, wireless remote control with light, 5 bar gauge for skateboards battery level, led speedometer and regenerative braking. The Dominator 900 Pro is a ideal street and off road board, its spring trucks and 10” tyre allow you powered carving. Its high performance brushless motor enables high speeds in complete stability and its low weight allows for easy carrying. Dimensions: • Length : 112 cm. • Width : 54 cm. • Height : 25 cm. • Wheel diameter : 26 cm. • Wheel width : 9 cm. • The logo is printed under the clear grip tape for a great adherence. • Stainless steel screws: avoid seeing rust spots after a few months of use. •Sealed motor, controller and battery pack, avoiding burning out the electronics in case of rain. What comes with your board: • Advanced hand control. • USB Hand control charger. • Board charger. • Owners manual. • Complete repair kit. • 6 month manufactures warranty.
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